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Here is an article that was recently published in The Telluride Daily Planet on June 19, 2016 during this past year's 43rd annual Bluegrass Festival! Read below to discover how you can get "stoned" in Telluride with hot stones and cannabis infused massage oil:


A Ganjassage is a massage that uses cannabis­infused massage oil to help soothe the body from sore muscles and promote relaxation. Here in Telluride, we are lucky to be able to purchase Mary Jane’s Medicinals ( which just won first place at the High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup for Best Topical! It is legal to purchase these topicals and bring them to your massage to experience a “ganjassage”! I know, it sounds too good to be true.

Anyone who has pain may benefit from cannabis in the form of topicals. As I apply the oil during the massage, I can feel the muscles loosen up just a touch more than when using normal oil. From my experience, there really isn’t a psycho active response to the cannabis when applied as a topical. A lot of my clients who suffer from stress, hypertension of the muscles and/or nerve pain do experience an increased state of relaxation and a decreased amount of pain and tension from the use of these healing oils, lotions and salve.

Dahlia Mertens is the founder of Mary Jane’s Medicinals and lives here in Telluride. When she was developing her Heavenly Hash Bath, I was lucky enough to be a guinea pig for the product. After taking my first one, she asked me what I thought and I immediately responded, “It’s a perma grin for your skin!” The bath is a wonderful way to relax and uplift your spirits. Once a couple got spontaneously engaged while taking one together because of the happy mood it put them in.

Susan Squibb with The Cannabist column addresses the questions about whether you get high from the cannabis infused topicals in a massage or personal use and about drug testing:

Cannabis topicals are effective for pain relief and do not produce a high, a c c o r d i n g t o D e n v e r p h y s i c i a n D​ r . A l a n S h a c k e l f o r d , ​ w h o s a y s , “ T o p i c a l l y a p p l i e d marijuana extracts have been found to be extremely effective for the treatment of pain, and do not exert any psychoactivity whatsoever.” I asked James Kennedy, owner of A p o t h e c a n n a ,​a l i c e n s e d m a r i j u a n a ­ i n f u s e d p r o d u c t m a n u f a c t u r e r t h a t m a k e s t o p i c a l s , for the scoop on drug testing. Kennedy says in the case of most topicals the answer is no, one time or even regular use would not show up on a drug test. Lotions and salves do not enter the bloodstream, and therefore do not show up on standard drug tests. Kennedy says “standard” because there are some drug tests that are more in­depth — like if you were applying for a job with the FBI.Apothecanna has run its own investigative drug tests with individuals who do not use cannabis. After a week of using Apothecanna products, the testers took drug tests, nothing showed up on the results, Kennedy says. I hope this is the reassurance you need to book a cannabis­infused massage!

When I get asked by clients about drug testing and the cannabis infused topical products, I always encourage them to find someone that they know does not get drug tested and does not eat or smoke cannabis to purchase a test and do your own experiment to be on the safe side and see for yourself.

A write up by Dope Magazine highlighted some of the scientific findings regarding the pain relief salve states that at least one major study has concluded that THC has twice the

anti­inflammatory power of hydrocortisone and 20 times that of aspirin. In addition, Oxford researchers have shown that cannabis may “make pain more bearable” rather than remove it. Either way, the patient experiences less pain. Also, scientific studies have shown that cannabinoids suppress the body’s inflammatory response. I know from my own experience how healing the topicals are to my tight and sore “massage muscles”. If I ever tweak something it definitely expedites the healing process and helps take the pain away. I have received overwhelming positive feedback from my clients, as well, that these product, especially the Pain Salve and the Heavenly Hash Bath, but also the Massage Oil and lotion and tincture with arnica, help a long list of aches and pains. Here are a few highlighted testimonials and if you are interested in reading more testimonials, just go to Mary Jane’s Medicinals facebook page or website:

A testimonial concerning skin issues: Your salve is amazing. It is the only thing that has helped my chronic seborrheic dermatitis. I frequently would get what looked and felt like burns around my eyes and your salve is the only thing to ever clears it up. Doctors and dermatologists would always give me topical steroids which made things worse as I developed TDWS (topical steroid withdrawal syndrome). I can't thank you enough for your wonderful product. It has given me much needed relief and self confidence.

It works on dogs too! This is a testimonial we received: We have found the salve to be tremendously effective for pain relief, and it worked wonders on my dogs skin rash. These pics are before and after with only 1 application. Results were shocking. Never administered meds!!! Thank you for a great product!

I hope more research in the field of topicals continues and could perhaps push the topicals into a separate category than other cannabis products so they could be legal in every state. You may book your ganjassage with hot stones or intigrated into a thai massage by calling Ambrosia Brown Massage, 435­260­1122 or emailing me at

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