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Herbal Compress Day

Hello, greetings from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Today is our last day of the 150 Hour Traditional Thai Massage class, a 3 week intensive course in studying the techniques of Nuad Boran, Thai Massage. Every morning, we begin the day with an hour of Rasidaton, or "Thai Yoga", to prepare the mind and body for the practice of Nuad Boran. We recite the ancient Pali mantra of Maw Chiwok, Shivaga Komarapaj, the Buddha's doctor, at the beginning of each Rasidaton. After Rasidaton, we practice for 3 hours, then break for a delicious lunch and then have another 3 hour afternoon practice session. By the end of the 3 weeks, it takes us 6 hours to complete the entire Thai Massage 'routine' that we have been studying all month! Here is a slideshow I made from Herbal Compress Day!

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